Field Service

Turnkey Equipment Removal and Reinstallation: One of the services that we offer is going to the customer’s site and removing motors. This means we will disconnect all electrical and mechanical connections and on installation reconnect and laser align if necessary.

Field Balancing: A proactive/preventive approach to longer life of rotating equipment through precision field balancing. We use the CSI Fast Bal II program; this program is a proven leader in the field-balancing world. With one reference and no more than two trial runs a solution is generated for a balance problem. 

Current Signature Analysis: This is used to determine if a motor has broken rotor bars.  To perform this test the motor needs to be at least 70% loaded, the closer to full load the better. This test is easily done and takes very little time.

Motor CleaningOn occasion our customers prefer not to remove the motor and have it cleaned on site.  We recommend that cleaning with dry ice (Cryogenic) is the best approach.  Hibbs' Field Service Team can come on-site and disconnect the motor, remove the end bells and rotor to allow for the stator to be Cryo cleaned. Hibbs will also clean the motors with vacuum cleaners, air hoses and chemicals.

Infrared Thermography: Thermal imaging is one of the building blocks of any successful predictive maintenance program. Due to the fact that it does not require machinery shut down, or electrical systems shut down to collect data it is a very cost affective, non-contact method of detecting potential mechanical or electrical failures. Systems are viewed in real time making quick diagnosis of potential problems as well as timely repair possible.

thermal1_1 thermal2_1 thermal3_1

Vibration Analysis:A predictive approach to maintenance, able to predict problems in order for maintenance to plan their work instead of unscheduled downtime. We use Computational Systems Inc. (CSI) equipment, a leader in the field of vibration. We offer routine data collection for analysis and also emergency services for problems that need immediate attention. Some of the issues vibration readings show are:

    • Unbalance
    • ODS (Operational Deflection Shapes) See Engineering
    • Misalignment
    • Mechanical Looseness
    • Bearing Defects
    • Belt Problems
    • Gear Problems
    • Rotor Problems
    • Blade/Vane Pass Problems

Laser Alignment: A proactive/preventive approach to longer life from direct-coupled equipment.  We use CSI’s Pro-Align Program with the 8225 dual laser heads.  One advantage of our alignment program is we can make an alignment with as little as a ¼ turn of the shaft.  Also if we find a problem where a piece of equipment is bound in one direction we can find all the alternatives with the push of a button, saving time over traditional methods.

Offline & Online Electrical Testing: On-site condition testing is another proactive/preventative service Hibbs offers which provides data to identify potential issues prior to our customers being faced with costly downtime. Hibbs can establish the electrical condition of motors using Baker Instruments state of the art equipment. Critical information is gathered by testing winding resistance, polarization index, insulation resistance, surge testing, high potential testing, power condition testing, along with numerous other tests. We can set up routes to establish trend data over time. Talk to Hibbs today about planning a preventative maintenance testing program that ensures your equipment is running at peak performance. See Engineering Section.

Voltage and Current Waveforms

waveforms_1 waveforms2